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What Services We Provide?


Marketing Services


  • Bounty Program
    Design and run bounty program
  • Social Media
    24/7 Management, moderation and
    running of various community
    channels by a dedicated team
  • Exclusive Airdrop Program
    Airdrop management and distribute
    rewards to community
  • Telegram
    Our Admins from 6 countries with
    diffrent time zone. Take care the
    community 24/7. Answering
    all community’s questions.
  • Bitcointalk
    We will manage and take care every
    questions and discussions.

Digital Marketing

  • Press Release
    Writing and editing of articles followed by distribution to relevant media channels
  • Featured Image Design
    Creation of cover image for your press release.
  • Public Crypto Press
    Publish your crypto press release on
    50+ websites within only 3 days
  • Banner Ads
    Designing of banner ads and assistance in purchase of banner spaces
  • ICO Listing Sites
    Public to 50 ICO Listing sites within 3 days

Viral Marketing

  • Promotional Videos
    2D/3D introduction video
  • Content Creation
    Produce images, memes, long-form stickers icon, articles,…
  • Social Media KOLs
    Engagement with KOLs, influencers in crypto field
  • Moderate pitching to blockchain media journalists
    Create unique marketing campaign

Technology Services

Token Development

  • ERC-20 standard
  • ERC 721 Standard Non-Fungible Ethereum Tokens.
  • Smart Contract Development Smart contract design and coding based on the requirements provided
  • Traditional Exchange – Dex Innovation in building the crypto exchange.
  • Website | Apps | Advanced Features Admin Features | Users Features 
    Access to advanced trading functionalities
    De-centralized trading of cryptocurrencies
    Two-way authentication
    Reports and charts showing
    Analytical changes
    24/7 customer support

Book Building Platform.

  • Website Design
    Modern landingpage
    with unique animation custom
    for each project
  • Know Your Customers (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML)
    Intergarating automated KYC
    Save time for ICO’s owner
  • Payment in fiat and 50++ cryptocurrencies
  • Customizable token sale  parameters
    Setting up ICO stages and token purchase conditions
  • Security
    Development of Security Protocols for Protection Against Hacking and DDOS
  • Server Deployment
  • Multilevel referral programs
  • Token Holder’s Personal account
    Bringing ICO investors go to
    main landingpage. Not any
    external resource
  • Built-in calculator with
    current cryptocurrency rates

    Informing buyers on the token
    price at the time of purchase

Traffic Services

Upto 100 Million ad impression dailyKriptoA drive traffic from all around the world to your ICO website

  • Driving traffic from our partner advertising network
  • Increase your website rank on and in 30-45 days
  • Impression-Based Banner Advertising Publicize Ads & Brand at a Minimal Cost with CPM-Bidding
  • Native Advertising

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Traffic Services

Project analyzing

  • ICO development strategy
    Give ICO development Strategy and Format
  • Whitepaper
    Review and recommendations
  • Yellow Paper
  • Drafting
    Creation of whitepaper drafts based on primary and secondary research as well as professional whitepaper guidelines
  • Legal Advice
    Provide Terms of Use
    Token Sale Terms and Conditions
    Privacy Policy
    Warranties and disclaimers
  • Tokenomics advisor
    Token integration into business models
    Token Design Token Economy Design

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